What is the difference between Act! Essentials and Act! Premium Mobile?

Act! Essentials is a single user product, while Act! Premium Mobile is a one or more user product.
Act! Premium Mobile is an extension of Act! Premium (access via Web) and cannot function without Act! Premium being set-up as it relies on accessing the database server. In contrast, Act! Essentials is solely web based with no desktop install required.
Act! Essentials and Act! Premium Mobile are different systems, they do not have the same features or functionality. There is not currently a way to transition directly from Act! Essentials to or from Act! Pro or Premium. 
Related Information: 
For more information on Act! Essentials visit: http://mycloud.act.com 
For more information on Act! Premium Mobile visit: http://act.com/products/mobility/

This knowledgebase is specific to Act! Essentials, for support on Act! Pro or Act! Premium visit: http://www.act.com/support/

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