How to add my Act! Essentials iCal to Mac

As this process uses both Act! Essentials as well as the iCal from Mac there are 2 sets of directions.


From Act! Essentials

  1. Click Profile from the bottom left corner
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Click Apps & Integrations
  4. Highlight the iCal Integration URL
  5. Copy the iCal URL

From Mac Calendar

  1. Click File from the top menu
  2. Click New Calendar Subscription
  3. Paste the iCal URL from Act! Essentials into iCalendar Subscription
  4. Click Subscribe
  5. From the Untitled Info section fill out open fields as desired
  6. Enter name for the Act! Essentials calendar
  7. Select a color to distinguish what items are from Act! Essentials calendar
  8. Select where you want the iCalendar to display
  9. Select auto refresh preferences

*Please note that there are 2 settings as to where the calendar can display.

The two setting are

“On My Mac”



If you select “On My Mac” it will synch with the Mac only If you select “iCloud” it will synch with the Mac and other devices connected to that iCloud account

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